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Video: How Bad Ideas Become Good Ideas

The whole purpose of The Bad Idea Factory is to come up with good ideas. Here's a short video of Denny talking about how it worked for him.

20% Project Talk at The Carmel Library Foundation

On Tuesday, September 17, I'm going to be giving a talk for The Carmel Library Foundation as a part of the Jack & Peggy Baskin Parent Lecture Series. Teachers who know about #20time, I need your help. Why does #20time make you optimistic about the future? Leave a comment or post it in this form.

The Bad Idea Factory 2013

Last year, in an attempt to open our minds to what a 20% Project could be, we took part in The Bad Idea Factory. Here's the original post.

Since then, I've been sharing TBIF with other teachers, and others have found it to be a useful activity including Karl Lindgren-Streicher. This week was TBIF week for York 10th graders again. Here is a sample of some of their worst ideas.

Help! Johnny Circled Me in Google Plus

Like many other schools, we have a firm social network policy that prohibits teachers from accepting Facebook friend requests from students. I get it. The notion of teachers and students being Facebook friends makes most people uncomfortable. If one of my students sends me a request, I reject it until he graduates. The notion of teachers and students being Facebook friends makes most people uncomfortable. Naturally, when teachers get a similar notification in Google Plus, they also may feel that same uncomfortable impulse. However, there is no “reject” button when G+ notifies us that a student has added us to his circles. So what does it mean? It depends on how you use Google Plus. I have a Google+ account but I never post anythingPoor Google+, most people don’t use it very much. If you’re not in the habit of posting articles, photos, or status updates to Google+, welcome to the very large I-don’t-use-Google-Plus club. If you’re a member, you have NOTHING to worry about. Your student …